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Saturdays April-Dec 10-2p
Receive the weekly FRESH SHEET

We are very excited to announce the official launch of the Vashon Food Hub feasibility study!
VIGA won a USDA Local Foods Promotion Program (LFPP) grant to determine the feasibility of creating a food hub here on Vashon Island.
We now have a strong team of highly qualified folks to do the work.

The Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) has been selected as the consultant for the project. NABC developed and operate the Puget Sound Food Hub and we are confident they have the expertise to determine the feasibility of a food hub on Vashon. NABC will be working closely with Jenn Coe, who as project manager will be overseeing the study, fulfilling our grant requirements and keeping communication flowing. The project will be further guided and enhanced by a stellar steering committee of island farmers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Phase One begins now. NABC will be doing market research to assess the demand for Vashon grown and value added products. They will be reaching out to Vashon growers and producers to assess interest in participating in a Vashon Food Hub.

Phase Two is set to begin in April and will focus on a physical facility assessment. NABC will be visiting proposed food hub sites on Vashon to determine their viability and making recommendations.

Phase Three will be the development of a Vashon Food Hub business plan, if such a project is deemed viable. We expect a final business plan to be presented to the board by mid August.

For further information, please contact Jenn Coe, project manager at
More information about NABC can be found at

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