The Food Access Partnership is a self sustaining program of VIGA.
The Food Access Partnership works to increase access to fresh food for all, while supporting local farmers. The Partnership’s primary strategy to achieve this goal is the VIGA Farm Bucks program. To find more information please click HERE.

Fresh Bucks have changed and are now called SNAP Market Match Bucks.  You can get them using your EBT card on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Village Green when VIGA’s Vashon Fresh (the on line marketplace) is there to distribute food purchased on line.  In fact, you can purchase directly from farms using Vashon Fresh ( and pay for your food with EBT tokens and SNAP Market Match Bucks when you pick up your food. Check the Vashon Fresh website for pickup times.  You can also use your EBT tokens and SNAP Market Match Bucks at VIGA farm stands on the island.  New maps will be out in a couple of weeks.