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Sunday November 22

4:30-7 pm

Vashon Island Books (old VFW)

22100 Vashon Hwy SW

Including Board Elections for 2016-2018

All current members may vote

Candidate Statements Below

Anthony Winkler

I hope to see the local food economy grow, so we can all eat where we live.  I am new to

agricultural life and to the island, but for the past three years I’ve been building a pig-

tilled patch of soil with compost and cover crop rotations.  I enjoy sharing in the

knowledge and traditions that VIGA encourages among the membership, and more

broadly throughout the island, by supporting the ways we live together and in relationship

to the land and our environment.  In 2015 I have been volunteering with VIGA,

principally around the market, but I am looking to expand the volunteer program in

support of the strategic plan.

Prior to 2010, my urban career was in arts education and administration with

organizations such as The 14/48 Projects, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Book-It Repertory,

and Youth Theater Northwest.  In these positions, I gained experience in building

consensus and excitement around projects that are governed by a non-profit board for the

benefit of a larger population.  I bring strong interpersonal communication skills and a

passion for growing food and community.  Whether or not I am elected to the Board, I

hope to help VIGA broaden and enlarge the on island food chain for the nutritional and

economic health of the local population. I support this broad vision to the inclusion of the

many, local industries associated with rural, farm-based traditions.  Together we thrive.

Celina Yarkin

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Celina Yarkin, and I own Sun Island Farm

with my husband Joe. Our farm is on Maury Island, and we have three daughters, one in

each school. Joe and I have been selling our produce at the Farmers Market for eight

years, and due to my keen interest in the health and vibrancy of the market, I am running

for a position on the VIGA board.

What I bring to the market is eight years of experience knowing what it takes to

successfully grow for the market, what limits the market, and how to break through

barriers, how crafters and farmers hold each other up through different seasons, and how

valuable relationships with customers, managers, the board and each other are to the well

being and success of everyone.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about how the Farmers market is a small business

incubator for Vashon Island. We gross around $300,000 annually, and some of the

businesses that have gotten their start at the market have expanded beyond the market

like Cliff’s Beer, Patty’s Tomalis, Rainy Day soap, and King Caramel. Others learn

principles of running a business at the market, and then take those skills with them into

different jobs and contexts. The value of the Vashon Farmers Market to our community

can’t be overstated, and I believe we need to actively build the market in ways we have

previously left up to chance. I will be on two committees which go to the heart of

accomplishing this task: the new market committee, and the reimagining the market

committee. I have redesigned the market committee to consist of successful business

people from the market, and local businesses who will advise the manager on how to run

the market with an eye towards growth, sales and diversity of product in mind. This

committee will also recruit and coach new vendors by identifying gaps in what the

market has to offer. The reimagining the market committee will be working on creating a

new building for the market that will serve the market in all weather, symbolize who we

are, and be available for other community uses as well. Both of those committees require

a board member, and if you elect me, I can be that person.

In conclusion, I humbly ask for your vote. In return, I promise to reach out to all of you

so I can constructively engage with diverse opinions regarding the future of the market,

and work to make all of us successful through a shared vision.

Emily Scott

With experience working for ag conglomerates in the midwest, a degree in

Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon, two years in the Peace Corps as an

Agricultural Extension Agent, a year interning at Pacific Crest Farm, over two years

working as the Volunteer Program Manager at the Vashon Food Bank, and two years on

the VIGA Board (the most recent as Co-Chair), I feel well-equipped to serve on the board

of an organization dedicated to food and farming.

I’m committed to VIGA’s mission, and would be honored to serve on its board for another


Liam Rockwell

Having stepped into the farming community fully with my founding of Cedar Spring

Farm in 2015, I wish to participate in VIGA’s goal to improve access to local food.

I grew up on Vashon from 1st grade and spent 2 farming seasons on Vashon as an

intern and farm manager. This gives me an understanding of the island and how to

incorporate the realities of producing food for the island community.

I wish to maintain improve the current role of VIGA while developing

further opportunities for local food producers and consumers.

Vashon Island Growers Association
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