chickenposterVFM Spring is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate green sprouts everywhere, then by joining your community at the Vashon Farmers Market on opening day, Saturday, April 6 on the Village Green. We’re looking forward to our best year ever, featuring island farmers and artisans, and the bounty and beauty they provide us with each week.

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2 Responses to Market Returns: Something To Cluck About!

  1. Lois Yunker says:

    I’m Meals chairperson for the Board at the Sr Center and would like to optain a few Farmer’s Market posters for this upcoming season. I am interested in promoting Local market produce , craftsman and the market itself to the Seniors in our Vashon Community.

    Were do I go to find a few posters?

    Thank you and see you at the Village Green

  2. admin says:

    Lois, we’re getting some new ones so we’ll drop a couple off a the Center for you.

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