The Farmers Market Pumpkin Pie contest on Nov 17th was dominated by the 12-and-under set, 

with 1st place honors going to Adri Yarkin.

by Rebecca Wittman, Vashon Farmers Market Manager

The daughter of Joe and Celina Yarkin of Sun Island Farm, Adri has been helping out in the kitchen since she was very young, becoming expert at things like pasta with zucchini and cheese sauce, so she was confidant about entering the contest. Her biggest goal, she said, was to come up with as many local ingredients as possible to give her pie an edge. So, besides the Rouge Vif  d’Etempes pumpkin she plucked from her family’s patch, she threw in a carrot and an apple and “a pinch of stevia” to create a pie that the judges ultimately deemed worthy of the winner’s apron. Adri’s mother – herself a winner of the contest in 2010 – gave Adri the original pie baking lessons, including the how-to’s of making a tricky oil infused crust, which Adri described as “challenging” to transfer to the pie pan. The challenge paid off for this capable student, though, giving the crust a crisp flaky character long after the pie had cooled. When Adri isn’t whipping up something in the kitchen or helping her parents on the farm, she’s busy making music with a bagpipe band in Seattle or following her other passion – math – to those sorts of competitions. When asked what her favorite part of being a farmer’s daughter was, she replied, “getting fresh food and just having it there anytime you want it.”

In classic Farm Team fashion, the contest’s second place ribbon went to Adri’s two younger sisters, 6 year old Madeline and 9 year old Ella, in a delicious team effort that employed their big sister’s recipe and came adorned with an artistic circle of crusts shaped like little turkeys.

And third place was claimed by Jeff Berend, not a member of the 12-and-under set, but who carried the concept of local ingredients all the way through his hand-cut crust map of Vashon-Maury Island, holding forth from the center of yet another prize worthy pie.

Adri’s winning pie!

Quite a line-up of pie contenders!


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  1. Rebecca Wittman says:

    Tom – I don’t see the portrait shot of just Adri that I sent, but I do see it on your own blog. Could you put it here, too?

    Thanks so much!

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